О прибыльности коммерческого генетического тестирования

Любопытная статистика, касающаяся прибыльности коммерческих компаний в сфере consumer genetic testing.

Источник: http://seqonomics.blogspot.ru/2013/10/is-direct-to-consumer-genetic-testing.html


The most well-known company in this space is 23andMe. That’s no coincidence: It is working hard at increasing its profile and even has its own commercials.

As of September this year, 23andMe has genotyped 400,000 customers. That’s220,000 more than a year earlier, meaning that at a current price of $99 per test 23andMe made around $22m in the last 12 months. Contrasting this with the $161m in investment the company has attracted since it was founded in 2007, that’s not great.
Competing companies are not doing much better. As the list below shows, 23andMe is currently to my knowledge the only company still active selling direct-to-consumer genetic testing services. The others have either declared bankruptcy or have otherwise stopped offering direct-to-consumer services.
It’s obvious that genetic testing by genotyping is a niche market. Since it’s unlikely that the value of these tests to consumers is going to increase dramatically, it’s not clear to me how this could change in the near future.